360 Degree Photography To Increase Engagement & Conversion

Why invest in 360 spins?

We all know that even a small bump in conversion rate translates into a substantial increase in revenue over time. With the Amazon marketplace becoming increasingly more competitive, sellers need to utilize every tool they can to capture and maintain their edge.

The longer you can keep someone on your detail page, the more likely they are to buy. 360 spins increase engagement…it’s like they are holding your product or walking around it at the retail store to see it from every angle.

Beyond conversion rate, sellers often see a reduction in their return rate after incorporating 360 spins as buyers get a more complete feel for what they are buying before they purchase.

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Amazon 360 Degree Photography

360 degree photography, or 360 spins as they are called on Amazon, have the ability to more deeply engage shoppers while on your detail page.

After seeing conversion rate increases with listings in the US using 360 spins, Amazon has also provided the cabilities to Amazon UK, German and France.

At this time, Vendors in the the following categories have the ability to add 360 spins to their detail pages:

  • Home
  • Home Improvement
  • Furniture
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Toys
  • Cameras
  • Automotive
  • Pets

If you are a Vendor selling in one of the above categories, contact our team today to give an even bigger edge to your best selling products.

How Are 360 Spins created?

In order to be able to upload your 360 spins to Amazon, you must follow their guidelines for image creation. 360 spins are essentially a series of photos taken at different degrees of rotation on your product.

Amazon recommends an image shot every 5 degrees, which means it takes 72 images to create a single 360 spins for a product. They will also accept spins done with 24 and 36 images, however their recommended format is 72.

If you’ve ever seen a 360 spin online, you’ll notice there are huge differences in quality. The more images you have, the smoother the transition for the customer.

While we strongly recommend the highest quality Amazon allows, we are happy to provide 360 spins in any usuable format.

Page.One understands all Amazon 360 spin requirements and have invested in top of the line equipment to make sure your 360 spin looks flawless.

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