Amazon PPC Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on our workflow, your account should be completely set up within 10 business days. This includes analysis of any account history plus keyword research and all of the campaigns built out.
The initial order covers up to 2 products. You can add more for $197 per additional product. If you only have 1 product currently, that’s fine. We can set the 2nd one up when you are ready for it.
Yes. The reality is that poor account structure is one of the biggest mistakes sellers make and if your account isn’t set up correctly, there is almost no shot at success. Having some account history actually makes this service more valuable to you as we will start with a complete analysis of what exists. If you have a lot of history AND a number of products and you are spending $3k+/mo on PPC, you may want to look at full PPC Management as the metrics would work well for you.
Yes, this is true. We simply can’t engage in ongoing PPC questions with this service. As you can imagine, there are potentially a never-ending amount of questions regarding PPC. This is why we manage people’s accounts for them for a monthly fee. We have done our best to answer all of the basic questions within the tutorials. Remember, this is a service/training around the fundamentals with the goal to get you profitable in PPC. There will still be more to learn. Our goal is to help create the foundation so you can continue to grow.
Due to the fact that a) we are providing immediate access to training material and b) we are working inside of your SC account, there are no refunds on this service.
We only need access to a few parts of SC that cover advertising. You’ll be setting us up as a user with specific, limited permissions. We will send you instructions for that once you have placed an order. If you add the monthly reporting option, we’ll stay on as a user, otherwise, you can remove permissions once the set up is complete.
Yes, we have an entire module dedicated to how to launch products via PPC.
The individual titles are listed above, but overall, the goals are to a) make sure your account is set up correctly and that you understand it, b) for you to gain a foundational understanding of PPC and how it works, and c) for you to understand how to make intelligent decisions on your account based on your goals and actual data so you minimize risk and understand how to grow sales.
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