Intelligent Amazon Ad Management For Serious Sellers

Grow Sales, Control Costs, Launch New Products & Hedge Against Competition With Expert PPC Management?

Over the last few years, it’s clear that Amazon is increasing its pay to play opportunities. It’s never been more important for businesses to understand how to optimize their ad spend each month.

We learn your goals. We learn about your products & company vision. We build an understanding of your relationship to your ad budget and how you see your ad dollars working for you.

We then do a deep dive into keyword research and competitor analysis…then we set out to maximize every dollar of your ad spend to achieving your goals.

Test. Learn. Improve. Test. Learn. Improve.

Winning PPC Options & Support Regardless Of Whether You Are An 8 Figure Brand Or You Are Just Starting Out

Complete PPC Management

Partner with our team of PPC Experts to build, optimize and grow your account every month. This is the perfect option for businesses with established accounts (or at least some history) that want to scale profitably to the next level.

Page.One offers two levels of PPC Management in order to best serve clients at various stages of growth.

Designed for growing businesses spending up to $25k per month in advertising

Performance based management is designed for growing brands spending between $25k and $250k per month in ad sales.

All plans include an onboarding/strategy meeting, ongoing reporting and a monthly client meeting to review progress and goals.


How it Works

Client Intake Form & Discovery Call

Deep Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Extensive Account History Review & Evaluation

Intelligent Campaign Structure

Proven Campaign Strategy For Various Stages Of A Products Lifecycle.

Ongoing Monitoring of all Campaigns With Insight Based Monthly Reporting

Clients Testmonials

  • As a solo- entrepreneur it has been extremely challenging finding an Amazon partner that is honest, reliable, and knowledgeable. After several disappointing experiences with other agencies, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Page.One. My sales were dire, as the previous agency was not performing yet still collecting their monthly fees. Page.One took on my account without hesitation and during our initial call immediately provided value by looking over my listings and advising what I should change.

    Since taking over my advertising account, within 3 months the organic sales went up 606%. My total units sold went up 623%.

    I’ve never in my wildest dreams thought that I would see such growth during such as short time period. But this is a testament to Page.One’s efficiency and dedication to their clients.

    CEO & Founder, Maxus Nails

    Dasha Minina
  • I wasn’t sure if I was ready to outsource my PPC management because I had just launched my first two products. Page.One’s onboarding and preparation for my account were fantastic. My PPC revenue doubled in my first 30 days under management while maintaining a profitable ACoS.  The second-month revenue doubled, again and again, the following month.

    Now I have a partner that understands my products, brand and goals for growth as I launch my next few products. I’m very happy with my decision to engage Page.One for PPC.

    Nabil, Pakistan
  • When I hired Page.One to help manage and grow my PPC, I was doing about $50k/mo and running my own PPC at 21% ACoS.  I had gotten it that far but wasn’t clear where to go next, so I called in the experts.

    The first 2 months have been outstanding. Sales are up nearly 50%, ACoS is down by 5% and my organic sales are growing because of how they restructured the campaigns.

    Matthew, Brisbane
  • Thank you for the great new content. We have pushed it live on this last listing and we have already seen an increase in conversion rate. Looking forward to more projects with your team.

    Konstantin, UK, $15M seller

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