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PPC Case Study – Medical Products

$50k/mo business with plateaued sales sees immediate ROI when outsourcing PPC Management.

Account Stats Before Page.One

  • Revenue: $50k/mo
  • Revenue from ad sales: $30k/mo
  • ACoS: 21%
  • % of sales coming from organic: 42%

Account Stats After 60 Days With Page.One

  • Revenue: $75k/mo
  • Revenue from ad sales: $35k/mo
  • ACoS: 18%
  • % of sales coming from organic: 65%

Additional Highlights
After an extensive account review, the strategy was to restructure the campaigns and tighten up the controls. By doing this, we were able to do 2 very significant things that aren’t obvious in the overall stats.

1. We move the majority of ad sales from Broad match into Exact match which allowed us to reduce the ACoS on the bulk of sales by over 5% in the first month.

2. This improved targeting has massively increase organic ranking and overall conversion rate (5% increase) which has resulted in a large increase in organic sales.

Overall, this account is now incredibly healthy and set up for scale.


Complete Listing Upgrade – Travel/Luggage

$18M A Year Travel Company Tests Outsourcing Content, Photography & Enhanced Brand Content

As with many mid-sized businesses who have been selling online for many years, it’s not uncommon for the company to still be following standards and strategies that are a bit dated.  After all, those standards have gotten them where they are today.

As competition has increases, growth slows and market share drops.  New standards are needed.

Services Used
The client chose a single, good revenue ASIN to test our services.

  • Listing Optimization (keywords & all content)
  • Pro Photography (full stack, white background, graphics, models)
  • Enhanced Brand Content

By optimizing this listing, the result for this client will be 10oo’s of additional dollars in revenue per month which will continue to improve keyword ranking and unit sales over time.



$150M/year company ($30M on Amazon) engages Page.One to optimize multiple underperforming products

With 400+ ASIN’s, new competitors every month and a big vision for growth, this client hired Page.One to see if they couldn’t get back some market share by focusing on Optimization and Visibility.

Services Used

  • 3 ASIN’s – current mid-level performers
  • Pro Listing Optimization

The Results

  • Improved keyword ranking on all ASINs (targeting top 20 keyword phrases)
  • Page 1 ranking for the main targeted keywords

With larger portfolios of products, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to a company to see the investment needed to overhaul its listings, images, and strategies.

However, like this client above, test after test has shown the ROI to be significant, even in the first year.


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